Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Cap Placed on Leaking BP Oil Well (Video) *Robots attach tighter-fitting cap*


Newly Installed Capping Stack

150,000-pound metal stack installed on top of the leaking gusher

(MSNBC) BP robots attached a new, tighter-fitting cap on top of the gushing Gulf of Mexico oil leak Monday, raising hopes that the crude could be kept from polluting the water for the first time in nearly three months. The cap will be tested and monitored to see if it can withstand pressure from oil and gas starting Tuesday morning for six to 48 hours, according to National Incident Commander Thad Allen.

(NBC Nightly News) New Cap Fails To Contain Frustration: As BP installed a new containment cap on its busted oil well Monday, there were many emotional outbursts at the first public hearing of the presidential commission on the spill. NBC's Anne Thompson reports.

Link: New cap put on leaking BP oil well (MSNBC)

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