Friday, August 27, 2010

Ray Kurzweil: The Singularity Is Near (Videos) *The ethics of human enhancement*


Ray Kurzweil and the Technological Singularity

Ray Kurzweil: Ethics of Human Enhancement

Ray Kurzweil was recently featured on the PBS show Religion and Ethics Weekly in a segment titled Ethics of Human Enhancement. He discusses the eventuality of the man/machine future: "we are going to become a hybrid of machine and our biological heritage. We are not going to be transcending  our humanity, we are going to be transcending our biology".

Mr. Kurzweil  predicts by 2050 that non-biological, artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence - the Technological Singularity. Can human limitations and death be overcome via exponential growth in technology?

E. Christian Brugger, Associate Professor of Moral Theology at Saint John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, Colorado, takes the counterpoint and a traditional, mainstream religious view. He disagrees with the philosophy that humans can overcome their  limitations - that "spirit", as defined in traditional theology, is being ignored. He disagrees that technology can replace God.

John Donoghue, PhD, MS, Professor, Neuroscience & Engineering, at Brown Institute for Brain Science disagrees with the exponential increase in technology in his field but does give examples of what technology is doing to assist disabled people.

Colin Angle, CEO and co-founder of iRobot, says the future will even be stranger than we imagine.

PBS "Ethics of Human Enhancement" Futurist Ray Kurzweil predicts that in the future humans will use technology to become smarter and healthier.

Ray Kurzweil discusses the concept of "God", the future of humanity, the exponential increase of technology, and the future of the Universe. Machines of the future will be indistinguishable from humans in thought and consciousness. The Universe will become filled with intelligence.

PBS "Ray Kurzweil Extended Interview" Biological and technological evolution "is a spiritual process," says this leading futurist. "Entities become more godlike, never reaching that ideal but moving in that direction exponentially."

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