Friday, October 1, 2010

Raytheon Unveils 2nd Generation Exoskeleton Robotic Suit (Video) *XOS 2*


Raytheon Exoskeleton XOS 2

Raytheon Unveils 2nd Generation Exoskeleton Robotic Suit

Raytheon now has a second generation exoskeleton, XOS 2, which is a wearable robotics suit, which was introduced  to the public on September 30, 2010. This suit is being developed for military applications. While the XOS 2 can easily be utilized while tethered to a power source, the ultimate goal is a longer-term untethered ability for use in military operations. Raytheon expects deployment of the tethered version for the military in 5 years and an additional 3-5  years beyond for deployment of the non-tethered version. First unmanned drones and next untethered exoskeletons...

“Our goal is to get the suit ready for fielding so that we can take some of the strain off of the soldiers who have to do the heavy lifting day in and day out. That repetitive movement and the exertion can cause injuries. We want to lighten the soldier’s load.” — Rex Jameson, Raytheon Sarcos Test Engineer for XOS 2

“Getting exoskeletons deployed is inevitable. They are desperately needed, and I believe the military looks at them as viable solutions to a number of current issues they are trying to address. With a sustained commitment, they could be in place within five years.” — Dr. Fraser Smith, Raytheon Sarcos Vice President of Operations

"XOS 1 was essentially a proof of concept. With XOS 2, we targeted power consumption and looked for ways to use the hydraulic energy more efficiently. That’s resulted in us being able to add capabilities while significantly reducing power consumption.” — Fraser M. Smith, Raytheon Sarcos Vice President of Operations

“With the popularity of the Iron Man movies, people wonder if I feel like Iron Man when I suit up. I usually tell them that I can’t speak for Tony Stark, but when I’m in the suit I feel like me, only a faster, stronger version of me. Given that his character lives in a California mansion and owns a stable of very fast race cars, that’s probably as close as we’ll come to a shared experience.” — Rex Jameson, Raytheon Sarcos Test Engineer for XOS 2

“That it's becoming real this quickly is kind of remarkable. I can't wait to see XOS 3..” — Clark Gregg, Actor; Agent Coulson from Iron Man and Iron Man 2

(Raytheon) On September 23, 2010, Clark Gregg -- the actor known for his recurring role as Agent Phil Coulson in Marvel Studios' Iron Man movies -- visited the Raytheon Sarcos research lab in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the unveiling of the company's wearable XOS 2 robotics suit.

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Raytheon Unveils 2nd Generation Exoskeleton Robotic Suit Raytheon

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