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Bioprinting Will Transform Humanity (Videos) *3D printing process to create perpetual youth*


Bioprinting Will Transform Humanity

Bioprinting Is the Future Bioprinting has so many possibilities that the implementation thereof will transform humanity. First creating synthetic tissue, then entire organs, then entire body components. Literally a perpetual body could be sustained, with perhaps the exception of the technical difficulties of the brain. Extended, then perhaps perpetual, youth through replacement of hearts, lungs, limbs, livers, etc. could be achieved. Not only perpetual youth, but perpetual vigor and attractiveness. "This emerging technology could trigger a medical revolution." Why repair an old heart when you can install a new one?

Medical and Cosmetic Bioprinting A bioprinter is a 3-dimensional machine to create a component of the human body, similar to a 2-dimensional paper printer. Organovo has already printed experimental human blood vessels via their NovoGen MMX Bioprinter. The first video below provides a graphical example. Future technology could include organ and skin printers plus keyhole printers that actually repair and replace tissue inside the human body via surgery. Of course, human vanity will prevail and cosmetic applications to replace skin to perpetuate a youthful appearance will not be far behind. A theoretical face printer is the ultimate cosmetic application whereby everyone could be beautiful.

Bioprinting Demonstration In the second video below, Vladimir Mironov of the Medical University of South Carolina speaks at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Mironov reports on bioprinting actually being done, including creating knee cartilage. He notes there is a long way to go before direct medical applications are possible, such as implanting the knee cartilage into a human. As Mironov spoke and at the end of his talk, a bioprinter was at work printing a silicon model of ear cartilage, which is shown in the video.

Bioprinting Bioprinting uses a 3D printing process to create synthetic human tissue. One day it could therefore be used to print replacement human organs. This video by Christopher Barnatt explores future medical and cosmetic bioprinting applications.

Bioprinting Demonstration This emerging technology was demonstrated at a news briefing Sunday at the AAAS Annual Meeting. During the presentation, the machine constructed a model of ear cartilage printed out of silicon.

About Bioprinting

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