Sunday, January 29, 2012

Petman and AlphaDog Robots: Man and Dog of the Future

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Strange Days Indeed An anthropomorphic robot (Petman) and a legged squad support system (AlphaDog) by Boston Dynamics generate worst-case science fiction scenarios. First for military deployment, then law enforcement, then all sorts of mayhem is possible as artificial intelligence increases with this duo. A combination of the Terminator and the War of the Worlds coming to our lives as we become progressively less relevant. AlphaDog is the descendant of BigDog, which was reviewed in a previous post, LittleDog & BigDog Robots, USC & DARPA show latest versions & abilities.

PETMAN PETMAN is an anthropomorphic robot developed by Boston Dynamics for testing special clothing used by US military personnel. PETMAN balances itself as it walks, squats and does calisthenics. PETMAN simulates human physiology by controlling temperature, humidity and sweating inside the clothing to provide realistic test conditions. PETMAN development is lead by Boston Dynamics, working in partnership with Measurement Technologies Northwest, Oak Ridge National Lab and MRIGlobal. The work is being done for the DoD CBDP. For more information about PETMAN visit us at

Meet the Future: Petman

AlphaDog Proto The AlphaDog Proto is a lab prototype for the Legged Squad Support System, a robot being developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA and the US Marine Corps. When fully developed the system will carry 400 lbs of payload on 20-mile missions in rough terrain. The first version of the complete robot will be ready in 2012. This video shows early results from the lab where we are developing the control systems and locomotion platform. This lab prototype is powered remotely. AlphaDog will draw power from an internal combustion engine, which we designed to be 10x quieter than BigDog. The field version of AlphaDog will have a sensor head packed with terrain sensors. Boston Dynamics leads a development team that includes AAI Corp, Bell Helicopter, CMU/NREC, FEV, JPL and Woodward HRT. For more information visit us at

Meet the Future: AlphaDog

Worst-Case Scenario: Petman of the Future in a Bad Mood

Worst-Case Scenario: AlphaDog of the Future in a Bad Mood


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