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The Universe As a Virtual Reality and the Double Slit Experiment Paradox

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I think, therefore I am? -or- I'm programmed, therefore I am?

The Universe As a Virtual Reality and the Double Slit Experiment Paradox

From Newton's mechanical universe to the Einstein revolution and the beginning of quantum physics, the search for base reality is always over the horizon. Is this horizon receding before our eyes? From quantum physics came the standard model, which now explains a grand total of 4% - 5% (depending on who's counting) of the known Universe! A huge chunk of the Universe is missing: dark matter (23%) and dark energy (73%).

Michio Kaku believes String Theory is the only game in town. When (if?) the Higgs Boson is discovered at CERN, String Theory is the only viable avenue to expand the research because it's the only testable theory. He's right. The problem is String Theory kicks the can down the road, adds unnecessary layers of complexity, and therefore is an Ockham's Razor nightmare.

Wave-particle duality, probability wave collapse, non-locality, and yet other anomalies, have yet to be explained without theoretical convolution. Among these anomalies, the results of the Double Slit Experiment and the enhanced Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Experiment cannot be crammed into the so-called theoretical box and remain mysteries. The video below provides an excellent description and primer of these experiments and the baffling results.

There is an alternative explanation, which is heretical to the traditional human worldviews of the atheists and evolutionists as well as the other end of the spectrum, the religious faithful and creationists. In fact, it's possible these opposing camps could both be partially correct as they battle each other! That is, the Universe is a virtual reality, programmed and created and processing. The Simulation Hypothesis asserts this.

What is striking about the Universe as a virtual reality is how all of humankind's philosophical and scientific questions through the centuries are answered simply and forthrightly. In an odd way, the Simulation Hypothesis really is the Game of Life, although creating a certain uneasiness once the implications are pondered and delved into. What we are taught and learn to perceive that the world, the Universe, is an objective reality of matter still mechanistically functioning at the macro level like Newtonian physics, begins to disappear before our eyes and in our mind. Welcome to the edge of reality! Now on to our show, the video below, and the brave new world of the Universe as a virtual reality...

Quantum Physics 101 - Double Slit Experiment (Revised version from March 4th 2012) This video starts out explaining the basics regarding the double slit experiment, then it goes into detail regarding the setup and results of the delayed choice quantum eraser experiment with its rather strange results. The measurement data of this experiment implies that information obviously travelled backwards in time, which violates known scientific principles regarding causality and time. Finally it provides an explanation for these strange results based on the My Big Toe model of physicist Thomas Campbell who claims that we are living in a virtual reality and that reality as we know it is based on information and created from this information as any other virtual reality simulation on a computer. Most of the content presented in this video is also available in written form here.

Thomas Campbell: The Nature of Reality His key insight is that we live in a virtual reality based on consciousness. Consciousness is the foundation of our reality and the main method for consciousness to evolve is by breaking up the holistic consciousness into separated individual part (us humans) which then have free will to interact.

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