Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Thirteenth Floor: Realities Within Realities

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Nested and Interconnected Realities

Nothing like stacking simulated realities on top of simulated realities and/or interconnecting realities to mix events up! Then the question of "What is real?" begins to confuse a wandering soul! See The Thirteenth Floor videos below, in which two realities become interconnected and begin to impact each other.

Humanity is just at the initial steps of virtual reality creations (e.g. computer games, Second Life, The Sims, World of Warcraft, et. al). As these become more immersive, the lines will begin to blur between our so-called objective reality and emerging virtual realities. Will humanity ultimately migrate into virtual reality, leaving our objective reality behind?

If humanity ultimately creates virtual realities which are a viable subset of our existing "objective reality", could this infer our reality is likewise a subset of a larger reality? If so, could this larger reality, which has been called extra-dimensional, metaphysical, and/or spiritual by the pundits and philosophers, have created the Universe as a simulated reality?

Perception of reality, our stream of consciousness, the world as we begin to see with new eyes becomes a series of Russian nested eggs or dolls, one within another within another. A dream within a dream...

The Thirteenth Floor Trailer

The barriers that separate fantasy from reality are shattered in this stylish, mind-jarring thriller, where two parallel worlds collide in a paroxysm of deception, madness and murder.

On the thirteenth floor of a corporate tower, high-tech visionary Douglas Hall (Craig Bierko, The Long Kiss Goodnight) and his high-strung colleague, Whitney (Vincent D'Onofrio, Men In Black), have opened the door to an amazing virtual world - circa 1937 Los Angeles. But when the powerful leader of their secret project (Armin Mueller-Stahl, Shine, The X-Files) is discovered slashed to death, Hall himself becomes the prime suspect.

Arriving from Paris is the beautiful and mysterious Jane Fuller (Gretchen Mol, Rounders), claiming to be the murder victim's daughter. Her instant, magnetic attraction to Hall only further blurs the lines of what is real. Is he the killer? Is the inscrutable Jane somehow connected?

To find the answers, Hall must cross the boundaries into the simulated reality he has helped create - and confront the astonishing truth about his own existence.

The Thirteenth Floor Movie

To unravel a mystery, a murder suspect must explore the boundaries between reality and a computer-simulated fantasy.

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Seeking Alpha