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Consciousness and Reality: The Mind - Matter Connection

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Reality and the Extended Mind by Adrian D. Nelson

Reality and the Extended Mind: Consciousness in an Interconnected Universe

Psi researchers Herb Mertz, Dean Radin, Brenda Dunne, Roger Nelson, Robert Jahn, Garret Moddel, York Dobyns, Adam Michael Curry, Rupert Sheldrake, John Valentino, and Larry Dossey discuss anomalies of consciousness, mind - matter interactions. Our consciousness extends out into the world and is not contained just within our brains.

The world and our consciousness intermix and interact. The physiology of our body is in a dialog with future states of ourselves. Our awareness is spread out across time. Further, when focused, our consciousness can coalesce with other minds. Is there an observer-driven component to reality?

Robert Jahn says the evidence obtained are not just superficial curiosities but is erupting from very deep and very consequential characteristics of the human mind. Brenda Dunne notes that if we are going to understand reality, we have to look at the subjective side as well as the objective side.

Psi Phenomena is defined as anomalous properties associated with consciousness unanticipated by widely accepted modern theories. These events include precognition (presentiment), telepathy, distant mental influence, etc. in both normal and altered states of consciousness. Dean Radin describes these events, and the evidence, as meaningful, important, and interesting.

Documentary - Reality and the Extended Mind (1 of 2) Reality and the Extended Mind is a non-profit documentary by Adrian Nelson. As an increasing number of academics acknowledge the findings erupting from psi research, quantum mechanics and many other areas of science, thinkers are coalescing on a new description of reality. This new description of reality signals paradigm shifts in several scientific fields, and notably the necessity for a new model of consciousness. My book, Reality and the Origins of Consciousness dives into these mysterious new waters, attempting to give a lucid account of these ideas, following a skeptical, open-minded and secular approach. The insights awaiting us will be profound, corresponding with dramatic shifts in the way we see and interact with the world.

Documentary Reality and the Extended Mind (2 of 2)

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