Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We Are Witnesses (Video) *The transformation of humanity*


The rate of technological change is accelerating

We Are Witnesses: To the greatest changes in human history, that will transform humanity

For centuries long-distant messages were delivered by hand - the fastest way was horse or ship. The telegraph was invented and the first regular short-distance communication was in 1833. The telegraph eventually put the Pony Express out of business in the USA. We went from horses to iPhones in less than 200 years - from the Pony Express to a global Internet! Humans have freed themselves from long distance limitations, is freedom from biological constraints coming in the merger of man and machine?

Technological change is increasing at an increasing rate - exponential change. If all these tremendous technological changes have happened in the last  200 years, what can the next 25, 50, 100 years bring?

What Will We Become?

(The Speculist & Phil Bowermaster) A quick jaunt through the major transformations of the past six million years, and a few thoughts on the biggest transformation of them all -- coming very soon.

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