Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Artificial Intelligence Cometh (Video) *DARPA: Personalized Assistant that Learns (PAL)*


DARPA: Developing cognitive systems that learn to adapt to their user

Artificial Intelligence Cometh: Personalized Assistant that Learns (PAL)

DARPA, the USA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is always good for running a chill up your spine or, conversely, for providing hope about a grand future, depending on your disposition. DARPA is a small, flexible military think tank for leading edge technology projects which has been called "“100 geniuses connected by a travel agent.”. Some popular robot videos on the web are DARPA projects.

One DARPA project is called PAL, "Personalized Assistant that Learns", and there is even a video (below). The video summarizes the PAL project and shows examples of the vision of what PAL could be. The mission of PAL is
*Radically improve computer support to Commanders and Staff.
* Enable cognitive systems that 1) learn from experience, 2) learn by instruction, 3) learn to organize information, 4) learn from interaction between people, 5) learn to retrieve information.

"Cognitive systems" is software in this context and DARPA wants this software to possess an optimal learning curve! If a PAL can be developed as portrayed in the video, this is a major step forward in artificial intelligence.

*Video courtesy of DARPA*

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