Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Security Web Monitoring USA (Video) *FBI Guardian Database = 160,000+ "Suspicious" Americans*


"See Something, Say Something"
American web of 4,058 federal, state, and local organizations are monitoring USA citizens via the FBI Guardian Database

Monitoring America: Security Web = 161,948 "Suspicious" Americans

Yes, Big Brother and The Matrix are watching. Top Secret America is a Washington Post project that describes the huge security buildup in the United States after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. This report was written by Dana Priest (in the video below) and William M. Arkin. We're not talking about several federal, state, and local law enforcement and security agencies here, we're talking about thousands. CBS reports on this project, "It describes a web of 4,058 federal, state and local organizations, each with its own counterterrorism responsibilities and jurisdictions. At least 935 of these organizations have been created since the 2001 attacks or became involved in counterterrorism for the first time after 9/11."

This "massive web of bureaucracy is tasked with keeping America safe". This intelligence web includes technology built for the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan, an FBI classified database of "suspicious" citizens, and experts who train law enforcement on the Islam religion. 

FBI Guardian DataBase Nowadays, to be "suspicious" is determined by the "grass roots" (a citizen, local law enforcement, even a bank). The information then goes to a state "fusion center", which the federal Department of Homeland Security assisted in funding. After assessment for a possible link to terrorism, the information is sent to the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFsJ. If the data is determined to be valid, i.e. suspicious, it is entered into the FBI Guardian Database. To be "suspicious can be something as simple as snapping a photo of your local ferry boat" (or generating this blog post?). Files are kept on Americans who have never been charged with any security violation and some have been turned in by their neighbors "who think they look suspicious". To date, over 160,000 Americans are in the FBI classified database and another 7,000 are in an unclassified database. The "file" on each "suspicious" American citizen includes name, address, employment, financial and residential history, multiple phone numbers, and anything that "adds value". Many of the files are in limbo, waiting for additional information to come along to clarify the initial suspicious activity report.

(MSNBC Dylan Ratigan Show) "Top Secret America" The Washington Post's Dana Priest takes viewers inside the security web monitoring America.

Some USA citizens are listed in the FBI Guardian Database because a neighbor reported them as "suspicious"

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