Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ultimate Mystery of the Universe (Video) *Stephen Wolfram ponders a unified theory*


The Universe is expanding gradually now. Schematically, this diagram traces the 13.7 billion year (plus a trillionth of a second ...) history of the Universe from the quantum scale to the formation of stars, galaxies, planets, and the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP). Credit: NASA

The Ultimate Mystery of the Universe: Stephen Wolfram Ponders a Unified Theory

How Big is the Program that Runs Our Universe? Stephen Wolfram asks, "is there ultimately some simple rule that determines everything that happens in our universe? Is there some ultimate theory of physics that will allow to sort of hold in our hand some specification of everything about our universe and everything about the history of our universe?" Further, he asks, "how many lines of code is the program that runs our universe? Is it, you know, is it three lines long? Is it 10,000 lines long? Is it 10 million lines long? Is it the size of the operating systems that run on our computers? You know: how big is the program for our universe?"

Big Think "The Ultimate Mystery of the Universe" The Stephen Wolfram ponders what a unified theory of the universe might look like.

Some WMAP cosmic microwave fluctuations over the full sky with 5-years of data. Colors represent the tiny temperature fluctuations of the remnant glow from the infant universe: red regions are warmer and blue are cooler. Credit: WMAP Science Team

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