Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Intelligent Universe, Bio-Cosm, ET, AI, & Evolution (Audio) *The emerging mind of the cosmos*


Hubble Deep Field

The Emerging Mind of the Cosmos

Red Ice Radio

We talk about "The Intelligent Universe: AI, ET and the Emerging Mind of the Cosmos" and "Bio-Cosm" with author Jim Gardner.

Topics Discussed Law & Cosmology, Hubble, Bio-Cosm, The Universe is a Replicator, The Cosmic Playbook, Game Environment, Complexity of DNA, Evolution, Ontology, Physical Laws, Creator, God, ET, Carbon, Triple Alpha Process, 14 Billion Years, Stellar Alchemy, The Big Bang, Lee Smolin, John von Neumann, Fractal, Multi Verses, M-Theory, String Theory, 10 or 11 Dimensions, Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism, Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, Nanotechnology, is the Universe in a Hurry? Richard Dawkins, The Extended Phenotype, Technological Singularity, Quantum Computers, Live Extension, Anthropocentric, Martin Rees, Paul Davies and more.

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About Jim Gardner James N. Gardner is a widely published complexity theorist and science essayist whose peer-reviewed articles and scientific papers have appeared in prestigious scientific journals. He has also written popular articles for WIRED, Nature Biotechnology, The Wall Street Journal, and World Link. Gardner is a graduate of Yale College and the Yale Law School. Additionally, Gardner was elected as an Oregon State Senator. Later, Gardner founded an international non-profit organization in 1992—the Conference of World Regions (CWR)—that focused on studying the emerging political role of subnational regions in the global economy.

Hour Two We proceed to talk about the universe as a time Machine, Intelligent design or composition of the Cosmos in hour two. We talk about SETI, how to contact ET, what they would look like and what the impact of their discovery would mean. We talk about Carl Sagan, Cosmic DNA, Constants of Physics, the Big bang, the Life Friendly Universe and what Technological Development would mean to our own space travel, discovery and the human race. Don't miss this interesting second hour.

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