Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Native American Tribe Affected by BP Gulf Oil Spill (Video) "There has to be a respect for life"


Atakapa Trace Junction: The Sunset People and the Sunrise People

Atakapa-Ishak Nation Struggles with BP Gulf Oil Spill
"There has to be a respect for life."

Rosina Phillipe: "We are subsistence still. We have not given up that way of life. We live totally from the land. Everything we need is here in this environment. We have to respect nature. There has to be a respect for life. How long can nature continue to try to recover from what we try to do to it? This is what people have done".

A boy, Jake Phillips: "They (the animals) are dying from it (the BP Gulf Oil Spill). The animals depend on us and we depend on them".

"We, the Atakapa-Ishak (uh-TAK-uh-paw - ee-SHAK), are a Southwest Louisiana/Southeast Texas tribe of ancient Indians who lived in the Gulf of Mexico's northwestern crescent and called ourselves Ishak. The name means The People."

More about the Atakapa-Ishak Nation of southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas here.

Source - Rachel Maddow Blog: "Natives to BP: 'Life is important'

Greenpeace: Redesign the BP logo contest

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