Tuesday, June 1, 2010

LittleDog & BigDog Robots (Videos) *USC & DARPA show latest versions & abilities*


LittleDog Robot

LittleDog Robot Shows Off New Tricks!

In May, the Computational Motor Learning & Motor Control Lab at USC released a video of the latest version, and abilities, of the LittleDog robot.  This is part of the DARPA Learning Locomotion Project.  LittleDog was originally developed by Boston Dynamics as The Legged Locomotion Learning Robot.  More information from Boston Dynamics here.  Compared to earlier videos, LittleDog is more agile with smoother motion.  Further below is the latest BigDog Robot video.  I'm not sure which disturbs me more, a small or large robot, lol.  You be the judge!

BigDog Is Still Around (And Undoubtedly Being Upgraded!)

Below is the latest video of the BigDog robot, from Boston Dynamics, "The Most Advanced Rough-Terrain Robot On Earth".  More information from Boston Dynamics here.  Meet LittleDog's big relative!

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